TGR ECO XP BLACK SOFT 2000W hajszárítógép -30% AKCIÓ ! (1 ÉV GARANCIA)

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20.230 Ft 28.900 Ft


Ha most megrendeled, Pénteken már kezedben tarthatod a csomagot!

Termék információk

O/S*, or Optimum Solution, offers incomparable comfort when blow-drying. It’s the synthesis of the know-how and technical innovation of the engineers at VELECTA PARAMOUNT.

O/S has impressive technical characteristics and 2000W of power at very low volume. This jewel of design, made entirely by hand, delivers high-performance drying, without noise and in the blink of an eye. With its airflow of 150 km/h at a perfectly controlled temperature, it emits only 66 decibels at the maximum setting. Lightweight and easy to handle, O/S* has a patented ergonomic handle which guarantees optimal comfort in use.

O/S* is the most successful hair dryer of the VELECTA PARAMOUNT line and it will make your hair beautiful and silky smooth. Enjoy unequaled drying comfort, for the blow drying results that you’ve dreamed about.

Two modes of use to suit your wishes

Optimum Solution is perfectly suited to your needs and reveals the beauty of all types of hair, with its two modes of use:

To straighten kinky hair, use the ion generator and achieve perfect straightening without static electricity.
For voluminous blow-dries, nothing easier: use O/S* in classic mode.
For more than 80 years, VELECTA PARAMOUNT has attested to its expertise in hairstyling by offering solutions that deliver better performance while caring for all types of hair. Today, the company benefits from an international reputation among hair care professionals. VELECTA PARAMOUNT products are made completely by hand in France and undergo continuous quality control at each step of manufacturing. The brand is synonymous with quality among hair care professionals.

This model is equipped with a professional 3-meter cord and a European plug compliant with EC norms (220/240 Volts, not compatible with Switzerland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland)